1st And Goal Sports would like to thank Quincy Stewart for coming out to our summer soprts camp and speaking to our athletes Quincy spoke to the athletes about his experience at Louisiana Tech, The NFL with The SanFranciso 49’s and the New your Jets Quincy also spoke of his time spent in the Canadian football league. Quincy’s main topic was the importance of being a student athlete and team player. Quincy is a positive role model for our young athletes and we were fortunate to have him come speak. Quincy is currently coaching at the High School Level.
MISSION: To increase the opportunities for our youth in different communities through academics and athletics; focusing on training, attitude, and goals.


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2010 Camp MVP

Outstanding Athlete

Cornerback 6'- 1" 175




























Congradulations to Kari White of Northbrook High School for signing a letter of intent to play football at Bethel College in Newton Kansas. Karie everyone at 1st And Goal Sports wishes you all the best. Dream Big and Big things will happen.









Since 2008, 1st And Goal Sports Training, has become known for its competitive and safe environment. Last year 85 student-athletes participatetd in our sports camp. We have trained 8 division 1 athletes and currently have 12 student volunteers.




Your body is your machine. The fuel that runs your machine, is the food you eat, and the supplements you take. The fuel determines how your body reacts, how you feel, and how you recover. Elite athletics stick to a strict diet and supplement regiment which results in body fat percentages dropping below ten percent. Understanding how to decrease body fat, as well as an understanding of the nutritional needs of the body when training will give you the edge in reaching your full potential. Physical training is an important component of reaching your peak performance, but nutrition and high quality supplements are just as important.
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